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From beautiful Biloxi to the Mississippi marshlands, the state is full of activities, attractions and experiences. Bil Mississippi is known for its sugar - white sandy beaches and tranquility, perfect for a day trip to the Gulf of Mexico or a week - and a long vacation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has long been a popular vacation destination.

The most notable event is the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Festival, which takes place in Biloxi in April and brings tens of thousands of people to the city each year. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival on the Mississippi Coast is a cooking contest and festival with live music, food and entertainment over two weekends in April, with a wide selection of food, entertainment, live auctions and more.

Deep South Pops offers visitors and Jackson residents the chance to cool off from the Southern heat by serving sweets made from local Mississippi ingredients. Downtown Ocean Springs is getting dark with live music from local and regional musicians, and Deep South Pops also provides a great opportunity for Jackson visitors and residents to relax and cool off after a long day in one of the many places to indulge in their favorite cocktails. There is so much to discover here that if you think you have done everything Mississippi and the Gulf Coast have to offer, you will be surprised by the Secret Coast and very glad you have come. Ocean Springs also hosts a variety of restaurants and bars where guests can find their way through the many restaurants, bars and restaurants in the city.

Visit William Faulkner's house in Oxford and see the centre of the blues universe, or make your way and travel to the Dunleith Mansion for the night. Visit the Mississippi State Museum of Natural History in Jackson, the State Library of Mississippi in Hattiesburg and the oldest public library in the state in the city of Jackson.

No trip to Ocean Springs would be complete without a visit to the nationally acclaimed Shed Barbeque and Blues Joint, where you'll find award-winning barbecues, great food and great music. Grab some crayfish and other Mississippi dishes, then sit back and relax as the music and warm sun pour in during the colorful spring festival. For barbecues, visit the Drug Co. on Triplett Day, where guests are tucked away in the back of the pharmacy, or try the barbecue at the Shed's Bar on Gulfport. We invite you to join us to experience the ocean's springs, and for barbecues in Ocean SPRINGS, try shed grills and the blues joint.

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Meet Saturday, March 25, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Ocean Springs Convention Center for a free, open - to - public event.

The aquarium, which is described as a "window to the waters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast," focuses primarily on conservation and education. The center is dedicated to educating and exhibiting craftsmen and women who have created works that have been found specifically in Mississippi and the Southern region of America.

There are two public fishing and crab moorings, with the Ocean Springs Yacht Club anchoring at Front Beach to the east and the Gulf Coast Museum of Natural History to the west. One end is anchored in the Mississippi State Museum, the other at the southern end of the pier.

Here you can see the large bay that stretches from east to west along the Mississippi coast from east to west. The Biloxi Bay Bridge turns east and connects Ocean Springs to the Gulf Coast Museum of Natural History on the other side of Biloxi Bay. From here you can see the property from a distance of about 400 meters and from here you can enjoy a view from the top of Front Beach, a popular fishing and crab spot.

For many coastal communities along the Gulf Coast, the beach and its pleasant climate are the main attractions. The beach itself and the pleasant climate are a major attraction for many of the coastal communities along the Gulf Coast.

To experience the charm, history and heritage of Mississippi, visit www.visitmississippi.org, check out the guide below, get to know the Magnolia State and check out our cultural guides below. If you want to relax and listen to real American music in all its forms, then you are welcome to the Magnolia State. For a list of the cultural groups that have influenced Mississippi cuisine and various types of regional food throughout the state, see our Culinary Trail.

For a unique local perspective on American culture, be sure to check out our guide to the Mississippi River Valley and Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy some of Mississippi's most popular tourist attractions, including the Ole Miss Museum of Natural History, Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi and more.

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