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In 1854, a doctor who ran a sanitation facility in the city baptized the community of Ocean Springs and he used health - he gave spring water that the natives had used for medicinal purposes. He founded the first hospital in Mississippi State and one of only a handful of hotels in Mississippi.

Dr. Powell later owned Fort Bayou, where Indian Springs is located, and Dr. Austin named his hotel Ocean Springs Hotel after the valuable mineral springs in Biloxi's oceanic bay. Besides minerals and springs, the Ocean Springs area provides seasonal tourists with a constant, cooling ocean breeze and shelter from the dreaded yellow cheeks that were ubiquitous in New Orleans and Mobile at this time of summer.

Many coastal attractions were destroyed by the floods, including the Ocean Springs Hotel and many of the hotels in the area, as well as a number of other buildings. Damage to the ocean's sources was minimal, though the Union Navy conducted a foray and destroyed saltworks, ferries and schooners.

The site of the former structures, which were long covered by the cultural development along Jackson Avenue, has now been established as the Ocean Springs Historic District. The Ocean Springs Hotel is one of only a handful of hotels still operating in Mississippi State.

In the Gulf of Mexico in 1895, Charles L. Dyer praised Jackson's management of the resort, praising its management and resort. Ocean Springs is unparalleled in its health and epidemic-free, and management is cheerfully catering to guests and visitors from the South and Midwest. They have had great success developing their hotels and resorts in Mississippi and Mississippi State. It is epidemic-free and has a reputation for quality service and good service to its guests. In fact, it has always been impenetrable in its health, free of diseases or illnesses, of which it is not only free, but also free of epidemics.

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While 1835 is the commonly stated date of the establishment of the Ocean Springs Hotel, 1853 is more appropriate. Click on the table below to find the most affordable time to book a room in Ocean Springs for a future trip.

In August 1855, the Christian lawyer in New Orleans reported that Dr. Jackson's wife died while staying at 124 West Beach. In Biloxi, she was a committed Methodist, attending church services and serving as a nurse at the city's St. Mary's Hospital and as an assistant to the mayor. Dr. James Jackson died of pneumonia on July 29, 1856 in Ocean Springs. The Pascagoula Democrat Star reported in September 1878 that both John and Mrs. Huntington was sick at her hotel because of yellow fever.

Mrs. White had a successful season and negotiated a lease in May 1905 when the Ocean Springs Hotel was sliding into disaster. About a year after the wildfire, the Ocean Springs News asked a businessman to build a modern hotel in Ocean Springs. She returned to Ocean Springs to open the Frye Hotel, formerly VanCleave's, in Robinson, Washington and L.N. Depot.

Warwick Martin belonged to Bayou Bauzage and Bosarge, who are now based in Ocean Springs Harbor, in Ocean Springs. The tourism industry was founded in 1854, after which the name was changed to Ocean Springs, and the first hotel in the city.

Biloxi Bay was, until recently, a swamp-like area, and the eastern periphery was formed by the Mississippi and its tributaries, as well as the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi Bay.

All a visitor can wish for is to get, and accommodations and excursions by train now reach this point. The highway runs southwest from Hattiesburg for 30 miles to Biloxi Bay, with the Mississippi River as the main route.

Ocean Springs doesn't have the five-star hotels of larger cities, but you still feel pampered in the hotels.

For 52 years, the Ocean Springs Hotel has been the social and cultural hub of the city. Charles Dyer (Gulf, 1895) wrote: "The Ocean Springs Hotel is the oldest established hostel on the old Gulf. In October 1890, during the winter season, the Fryes initiated the first annual "Hop Festival" in the hotel. Ms. Frye hosted the hops in her hotel room three days a week from October to November 1890.

While Reverend Bowen had built a guesthouse in Marble Springs, the space and amenities for discerning travelers were not available until after Dr. Austin, who behaved and built a large first-class hotel on the beach west of Jackson Avenue. It is believed he operated from home and had the hotel built for his clients.

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