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Ocean Springs' Ethan Hunt drilled a 32-yard field goal in the middle of the lane as the Greyhounds recovered from last week's loss to beat Biloxi, 29-28, in front of a sold-out Ocean Springs Stadium on Saturday night. Hunt's goal for the 29-28 victory came after a dramatic catch-up by BiloXi that brought the Indians to 29-28 with just over two minutes to go. Pennock called time out just before he was last on the field with a 3-and-1 from the Bil Mississippi River, his team's final possession of the ball.

Ocean Springs ran the ball in the next five games, but could only intercept one first when Biloxi stopped Ocean Springs with 15. After Krisshun Kendrick made it 14-0 with a 52-yard touchdown run on the first - and goal from the five-yard line - in the first quarter, the Indians needed five plays to leave the field on their next possession, including 45 yards on Kendrick's three-yard run. Kendrick finished with his second touchdown of the game on a 10-yard run to put Mississippi River up 28-27.

Kendrick wasn't the only backup to succeed against Ocean Springs, as the Indiana backup players scored 369 yards on the night.

Pennock was the only one to pass for more than 200 yards for the Greyhounds, leading them with just 120 carries for just under 120.

He was also a member of the Greyhounds' 1978, which went 10-0 before losing to D'Iberville in the Shrimp Bowl. In his final year, he scored at least one touchdown in nine of his 10 games and also earned the All-Bay Area Record all three years. He also played for the Gulf Coast Conference in his junior and senior years and then played for two different high school football teams in Mississippi.

Hudson is the only OSHS athlete to have played for both the Gulf Coast Conference and the U.S. Football Bowl Subdivision. In 1985 and 1988, he was selected as a member of the Mississippi High School Football Coaches Association All-State Team and was the Region's fifth-year coach in 1989. Both girls' and boys' teams won several national championships, including twelve girls' and four boys' teams. In 1989, both girls and boys "teams won their respective national titles.

He was named team MVP and school athlete of the year in both his youth and senior years, and was named player of the year for the girls' basketball team in 1990 by the Gulf Coast Conference. He also led the Lady Greyhound basketball team to its first-ever national championship in 1991, its senior year, and a state title in 1992.

The senior quarterback, who returned to center after Hubbard's injury, finished 10-for-20 with 117 yards and a pick and two touchdowns and threw 22-yard scoring passes to Torrian Kelly and Holton White. Deljay Bailey had a good night at quarterback for Biloxi, hitting 2-of-4 passes from 4 yards, with Deon Hardin making the catch. Ocean Springs' David Humphries found a kinking spot on Billups' return, but was stopped before crossing the opposing end zone and took the ensuing rebound back to his field. The French went for the win, holding the offensive line to a field goal that Kendrick converted before going into the end zone.

The visitors squandered a 14-7 lead in the third quarter, but the Greyhounds got the ball in the Indians' hands.

Since then, lacrosse has developed in the Ocean Springs region and will continue to do so. The programme is designed to help children aged 5 to 14 learn about the game and its history, and to teach them about physical fitness, mental health and social skills.

Although this is a useful tool for those who start coaching, it can also help the most experienced coaches to improve their knowledge of the game and its history.

The Parks and Recreation Department offers a variety of activities for participants to develop skills and make new friends. These programs offer participants a challenging leisure time, while improving their physical fitness, promoting social interaction and stimulating the mind.

OSGLs will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect and will work with children and families, regardless of skill level in any sport, to promote and promote an understanding of the basics and subtleties of lacrosse. The organization is proud to remain the only team in Mississippi that consistently provides a team dedicated to the pursuit of ideal athleticism and physical fitness. The games will be held in spring and fall, and in summer, at designated locations throughout the state of Mississippi.

If you are interested in joining the team, please call 228 - 875-8665 and let them play a game for you.

Before registering, the children buy their own sticks and meet unsupervised at Freedom Field in Ocean Springs. This year we received sponsorship support and generated a lot of curiosity about the game. In February 2006 we played our first game, a 3-on-3 game against Mississippi State University.

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More About Ocean Springs