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Serving more than 100 different kinds of cereal from all around the world and 30 toppings to choose from, London's Cereal Killer Café has two locations in the city, as well as one in Dubai and another in Kuwait. They also have more than 20 kinds of milk to choose from, including vegan-friendly options, and the cafe's '80s vibe makes it a cool hangout for any time you're craving some sugary cereal.

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Akiba Fukurou (Tokyo, Japan)

After popularizing cat cafes, Tokyo is moving on to the next big thing: owl cafes. At Akiba Fukurou, you can enjoy some coffee and dessert along with the chance to hold a feathered, nocturnal friend.

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Modern Toilet (Taipei, Taiwan)

Enjoy some toilet humor at the aptly named Modern Toilet, where you can enjoy your meal on a porcelain throne in toilet-themed dishes. Divided by bathroom fixture, the menu here includes entrees such as beef curry or Korean kimchi hot pot served in Western-style toilet bowls or desserts like ice cream served in bowls shaped like squat toilets. Order a drink, and you'll find yourself drinking out of a urinal-shaped cup.

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The Wormhole (Chicago, Illinois)

Warp back in time to the '80s at The Wormhole, a coffee shop in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood filled with memorabilia from the era, from board games to posters of '80s classics such as "Ghostbusters," "Beetlejuice" and the Indiana Jones movies. A "Back to the Future"-inspired DeLorean sits atop a wall in the corner, and the place also features old computers and an old Nintendo on which you can play "Super Mario Bros."

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H.R. Giger Bar (Gruyères, Switzerland)

Attached to the H.R. Giger Museum honoring the Swiss surrealist painter and sculptor best known for his set design of the Alien movies, H.R. Giger Bar is a visually fascinating place to enjoy snacks and drinks. The biomechanical style of this spot's interior looks like something out of this world, and the menu features themed coffees and cocktails.

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Ninja Akasaka (Tokyo, Japan)

Enjoy Japanese cuisine and culture at Tokyo's Ninja Akasaka where you're served by sneaky ninjas amidst décor that includes ninja stars, katanas and more Japanese castle-style décor. A ninja guide will take you from the hidden entrance to your table where you can order fascinating dishes such as black fried chicken and turban shell bombs, an escargot dish in which your ninja waiter will light up a fuse creating a trail of flames leading to the escargot.

The Attendant (London, England)

Have a coffee at this former underground public bathroom from the Victorian area for a unique London experience. At The Attendant, you'll find high-quality fair trade coffee as well as a fresh and produce-heavy seasonal menu that you can enjoy at the beautiful counter decorated by (now very much clean and unused) urinals.

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Moomin (multiple locations)

Based on a Swedish-language children's book series published in Finland that features a family of creatures that look like hippopotamuses, Moomin cafes have opened up around the world, gaining particular popularity in Japan. Perfect for solo travelers and diners, they're known as "anti-loneliness" cafes as you'll have the company of a giant stuffed Moomin character so you don't have to eat alone.

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Poop Café (Toronto, Canada)

Located in Toronto's Koreatown, Poop Café is a defecation-themed dessert café where you can enjoy coffee out of toilet-shaped mugs, as well as treats such as rolled ice cream (referred to as toilet paper rolls) and bingsu, a traditional Korean dessert that the café calls Bing Poo. Poop Café also has vegan and lactose-friendly items on the menu, and the poop-themed décor throughout the restaurant actually manages to look kind of cute.

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Platform 1094 (Singapore)

Muggles and wizards alike will enjoy a trip to Platform 1094, a Harry Potter-themed cafe located in Singapore. Enjoy delicious Western and magic-themed dishes and drinks, notably the Goblet of Fire, made with blue curacao liquor and Bacardi that is then lit with a blowtorch and sprinkled with cinnamon to give the flames an extra flair.

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Bad Owl Coffee (Henderson, Nevada)

Another Harry Potter-themed cafe, Bad Owl Coffee serves up great coffee, butterbeer and espresso shots inspired by the colors of the Hogwarts houses. Enjoy some Prosciutto Toastalus - prosciutto toast with basil, peaches and ricotta on multigrain toast with honey - or the Charmingly Pesto sandwich amidst broomsticks, owls and tables decorated with Harry Potter phrases such as "Espresso Patronum" and "Caffeine Managed."

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Kawaii Monster Café (Tokyo, Japan)

Kawaii, which means "cute" in Japanese, refers to the culture of cuteness in Japan as applied to items and characters, particularly those with a childlike quality. At Kawaii Monster Café in Tokyo, you'll find an explosion of kawaii culture from the merry-go-round of giant cupcakes, gummy bears and other sweets to the menu filled with items like their candy salad and multi-colored pasta.


Rilakkuma Café (Taipei, Taiwan)

Another place to enjoy some more kawaii cuteness, Rilakkuma Café is an homage to the popular Japanese character, with Rilakkuma figures and plushies decorating the cafe, as well as an on-site gift shop. There are also Rilakkuma-themed food items such as Rilakkuma-shaped quesadillas, burgers and rice dishes with a variety of curries and sauces.

Hobbit Café (Houston, Texas)

There's no better place to enjoy second breakfast than Houston's Hobbit Café, an ode to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. Enjoy your burgers and brew with Gollum watching you from the corner, and all other sorts of LoTR memoribilia and a menu featuring drinks like Saruman's Sangria and Mordor Mai Tai, as well as sandwiches honoring your favorite characters. The menu was fully vegetarian for the first 10 years after the spot opened up in 1972, and it continues to have a heavy meat-free presence.

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Christon Café (multiple locations in Japan)

For a second, you may forget that you're not in a cathedral at Christon Café, which has an interesting medieval Catholic theme with a serious goth twist. Sitting below vaulted ceilings and candle chandeliers among statues of Christ and the Virgin, wooden altars and gargoyles, you can enjoy themed drinks with crucifix-shaped stirrers and peruse menus in the shapes of coffins and crosses.

Café Jack (Los Angeles, California)

Enjoy coffee and sushi at this "Titanic"-themed spot located inside a giant boat stationed in a parking spot. Owner Jack Shin loved the hit movie so much that he changed both his and his son's names to honor Leonardo DiCaprio's character Jack Dawson and was also moved to have his own Titanic in the form of Café Jack. Surrounded by themed posters, fan art and other memorabilia, you can eat in your own private "ship cabin," but it's not the food that garners most of the café's revenue. Shin himself is known to read tarot cards for customers at the back of the ship, with customers scheduling readings far in advance.

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Van Gogh is Bipolar (Quezon City, Philippines)

Located just outside of Manila, Van Gogh is Bipolar is owned by Jetro Rafael, himself diagnosed with bipolar and dedicated to creating awareness for the mental disorder as well as foods made with natural ingredients and meant to trigger calming and happy hormones. Menu items such as Virginia Woolf Tears and the Axl Rose Egg Shot are named after famous people with bipolar disorder, and the cafe also has all types of teas available meant to evoke different moods. Stop by the dark room on your way to the bathroom where you can write down your most secret thoughts and take a look at those shared by others.

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East Beach Café (Littlehampton, England)

The seaside town of Littlehampton in southern England is known for being a quaint coastal destination as well as the site of East Beach Café, an architectural marvel as well as an award-winning cafe. Its smooth, abstract exterior imitates the cafe's surroundings, evoking waves and driftwood, and the structure itself has won more than 20 awards for its design and engineering. The menu itself is filled with fantastic seafood and drinks, making East Beach Café a fantastic beachfront restaurant.

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